Census figures reveal how many of us are living where

Start of the 2021 Census

Start of the 2021 Census - Credit: PA Media

Peterborough and Cambridge show some of the largest areas of population growth in the country. 

Since the last Census was taken in 2011, the population of Peterborough has grown by 17.5% to 215,700. 

At the same time, the population of Cambridge has grown by 17.6% to 145,700. 

Other figures in our area include:  

East Cambridgeshire with a 4.6% growth to 87,700 

Fenland with a growth of 7.6% to 102,500 

Huntingdon with a growth of 6.7% to 180,800 

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South Cambridgeshire with a growth of 8.9% to 162,000. 

Many large towns and cities have seen their populations fall, including Sunderland, Gateshead, Swansea and the London boroughs of Kensington and Chelsea, Camden, and Westminster. 

The place with the biggest increases was the east London borough of Tower Hamlets, where the population grew by 22.1%. 

The results of the 2021 Census show that the population of England and Wales has risen to 59,597,300 with the population of the United Kingdom as a whole now numbering 66,966,400. 

The rise is one of the biggest since the Census began in 1801, according to the Office for National Statistics.