Chair and trellis damaged by angry son

DAMAGING property at his mother’s home could land Andrew McDonough in jail, magistrates warned him this week.

McDonough admitted breaking a bamboo chair in his mother’s conservatory, and a trellis in her garden.

“Your mother has asked for a restraining order, she says you are manipulative, and she feels bullied,” said presiding magistrate Susan Morris at Wisbech courthouse. Sentencing was adjourned until August 11 for a report to be prepared.

McDonough, 27, of Badgeney Road, March, admitted two charges of criminal damage.

“His mother was at home, sitting in her conservatory, there had been an earlier argument,” explained prosecutor Emma Duckett.

“The defendant went into the conservatory, gripped the chair and wrenched it back; he then went into the garden in a rage, and punched a pergola and smashed the trellis.”

Solicitor George Sorrell said: “To disagree with people is human nature, but he should be respectful, especially to his mother. He loves his mother and is ashamed of himself.”

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