Change the boundaries to make Walsoken part of Wisbech - and not West Norfolk

It seems that nobody cares about ‘The Wisbech Disease’.

It could be caused by the face that Wisbech seems to have lost control of its own destiny. It is controlled by Fenland District Council to the south and West Norfolk Council to the north.

Wisbech has lost its catchment area of satellite villages that most towns have and just sits there watching as its assets are stripped away and sold off one by one.

Its status is little more than a parish in the power competition.

If MP Steve Barclay wants to breathe life into the town, I feel the boundaries will have to change.

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Surely Walsoken should be with Wisbech rather than West Norfolk? When I played rugby for Wisbech, the playing field was in Walsoken. When I played hockey for Wisbech, the pitch was in Walsoken. Wisbech Town Football Club was in Walsoken.

I live in Walsoken but my doctor’s surgery is in Wisbech. When I die I cannot be buried in Walsoken - it must be in Wisbech.

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What happens to all of the council tax paid by the people of Walsoken to West Norfolk Council? That will be lost forever - it would be better to keep it in Wisbech.


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