Changes to anticoagulant clinic at North Brink Surgery have been good for patients.

There has recently been much criticism of the anticoagulant clinic at North Brink Surgery, Wisbech.

I am a regular at the clinic. Far too regular I’m afraid!

My visit to see Karen is a joy. Karen takes my blood sample. She is always smiling.

The appointment system works. Lately I have rarely had to wait for more than a few minutes to see her.

When the practice first operated the service there was sometimes a wait if the dose needed changing, because that had to be done by a doctor. This was slow at the beginning but now the doctors are on the ball and it is much better.

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I have twice been unhappy with the new dose proposed but on both occasions have seen a doctor then and there and discussed and agreed the new dose.

I have often been seen and sent on my way before my booked appointment time. Add to this the easy availability of parking, and evening appointments, and the result is a far better service.

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Yes there should be better signage posting of the waiting areas, and the contrast between the floor, doors and seats does not help the visually impaired, but I am sure such a caring practice will address these shortcomings.

Without doubt the move has been a good for patents.

Thank you North Brink Practice.


Marsh Walk


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