Chatteris Community Cinema

MAY I through your paper send congratulations to the Chatteris Community Cinema. We were priveledged to be able to obtain tickets for their first viewing on Saturday, February 5 to view Made In Dagenham.

What a shame that when there was an slight technical hitch, some idiot started to sing in a loud voice ‘Why are we waiting’, it would have been bad enough from youngsters, but this was no youngster, but someone who should have known better and had more manners.

Needless to say, not any other member of the public joined in, hopefully this person has been told by his wife or someone this was the first viewing and use of the cinema and if this is the only hic-cup they have, they should be congratulated on a job well done.

So well done Chatteris Community Cinemaon a brilliant eveing out.


Via e-mail