Chatteris gym users must pay more to continue certain activities after Fenland Council changed prices

I read with interest an article regarding the change in leisure facility pricing.

Did Mr Horton realise that as well as no longer being able to use the gym prior to 9.30am that certain classes currently held between 9.30am and 4.30pm will no longer be included in the daytime membership?

And should the members wish to attend, they will be forced to either pay £6.80 per session or upgrade to anytime membership?

Chatteris has at present only six daytime classes compared to 15 at Wisbech and 16 at both March and Whittlesey. Of the six held at Chatteris, only three will be included in the daytime membership.

For those of us either unwilling or unable to travel to March this really gives us no choice at all if we wish to continue with Zumba, body pump or body combat. We will be forced to take on anytime membership even though we only ever use the facilities within the prescribed daytime membership hours.

Given that we are already penalised with no swimming pool and far less classes available than other gyms in Fenland, perhaps we should be calling for lower membership rates at Chatteris.

For those on a restricted income such as pensioners this will come as a big blow.

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We are encouraged to keep fit so why is our council making this more difficult?


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