Chatteris mobile phone signal a nightmare, reader says

For over 10 years the mobile phone signal at Chatteris has been very unpredictable, so much so I have got in the car and driven up to the Hunger Hut layby for a burger and send a message.

In fact one cold pea souper of a night, I drove up to the City Road car park in March to send a text message!

It’s interesting to note that you have to turn your mobile off and on again to get it to search for a signal otherwise you won’t connect up.

Interestingly when we had four TV transmitters serving the area with Analogue, we had no reception issues.

Then some young 18 year old sprog come up with an idea to justify their employment and remuneration during the digital switch over, by decommissioning one of the four transmitters.

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Obviously in the 1950s they put up a fourth transmitter just for the fun of it, and obviously not because we needed one to provide a suitable signal coverage.

Since the digital switch over we experienced pixilation and screen freezing problems. This was duly resolved after four and a half years of trying to find the power nob to turn up the signal.

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I then had to complain to our MP about military interference. As you may know that there is a military flight path over Doddington Road, Chatteris, thus when Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq were all having a tantrum.

I nearly threw my TV out the window due to interference.

Now when I flick through the TV channels the screen goes black and up comes the sign “no signal”, thus I have to switch the TV off and on to research for the signal to download the channel.

If I didn’t have to do this for each individual channel I would be happy!

A friend said he would knock up a 200ft retractable aluminium mast pole that I could bolt to the side of the house.

Not only could it be seen from Huntingdon or the Hubble Telescope, the top would sway five meters during severe winds like a big waving hand in the sky, “COOL!” I’ll paint it yellow.

My mobile phone now needs switching off and on to reconnect to the signal and even going upstairs doesn’t always work.

As soon as a fly farts, a mass swarm of midges fly past, or it starts raining, my 02 signal goes down.

So you just have to love modern technology and forgive my polite sarcasm!


Willey Terrace


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