CHATTERIS:Police set to crack down on young motorists as new dispersal order is introduced

Chatteris Town sign

Chatteris Town sign - Credit: Archant

YOUNG drivers who create noise havoc for local residents are being targeted for the first time in the Fens under new policing powers that come into force at the end of September.

Under the Anti Social Behaviour Act of 2003 a Dispersal Order has been approved for two areas in Chatteris which gives police officers the power to move groups of two or more people who are causing a problem.

Under the new powers the offenders will not be allowed to return to the area within 24 hours.

The order has been brought in to stop young male and female drivers wheel spinning, revving their cars and driving aggressively around the Furrowfields car park near the town library and Wenny Road near the Cromwell Community College.

Chief Insp Mike Winters said the order had been brought in as the final part of a package of police measures to tackle what has been a growing problem in the town.

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“For residents stuck in their homes listening to the noise it is unbearable, this order is about making their lives better,” he said.

“It’s not just boys, we have female offenders too,” he said.

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As part of ongoing measures to solve the problem police have seized several vehicles, made stop calls and prosecuted young drivers.

Extra patrol cars have been sent to cover the town, including unmarked cars and Section 59 warnings have been given to young drivers which means that if the car is issued with a second warning then police can take action.

Chief Insp Winters said: “We have already made a difference with ongoing interventions. The dispersal order will consolidate the work already done.”

The order was approved following eight months of police work to prove there was a need for it in the area.

Work included surveys, statements from residents, research and consultations with Fenland District Council and Chatteris Town Council.

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