Chips are up for the chip shop man told he can keep windows as they are

CHIP shop boss Tommy Cheung has been told he can keep his windows as they are- despite a conservation officer’s bid to get him to replace them.

Mr Cheung was told five uPVC windows in the Grade II listed building at 112 High Street, March, had been put there at least 20 years ago but without permission.

The building was listed in 1985 and the windows, according a report prepared for Fenland Council Planning Committee, probably put there six years later.

Mr Martyn Kendall, the council’s conservation officer, urged the committee to finally get round to issuing an enforcement notice to get Mr Cheung to replace them.

However councillors refused to do so, telling Mr Kendall that since the windows have been there for at least 20 years “this is an unreasonable time to now implement enforcement action.”

Mr Cheung can now keep the windows as they are.

Mr Kendall said he became aware of the issue three years ago when he went to see Mr Cheung to discuss an extension of his take away business.

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Mr Kendall insisted the five uPVC windows “are not acceptable in the impact they have on the character and appearance” of the building but the committee voted to throw out his proposed enforcement order.

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