Choose a mayor to represent the people

I note with sadness that as far back as I can remember, I moved here in 2003, all the Mayors have been selected from the pool of Conservative members of the Wisbech Town Council.

Maybe there was no other choice, but now there are.

With five Independent and one Lib Dem as well as conservatives councillors available, a new Mayor could be from either party.

A Mayor represents the people and as such should be seen as nonpolitical unfortunately I have not seen this within Wisbech Town Council.

Democracy is supposed to be held as the pinnacle of Great Britain’s political strength, but time and time again it is shown that the people who shout loudest, or those with most seats (power) get their own way.

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This is not democracy! It is not democratic in evidence or practice, what should be seen is that the mayor is voted to serve and represent the public, whatever party the mayor comes from, then the deputy mayor should be chosen from the opposition groups.


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