Churchgoers used to wake up neighbours at an “ungodly hour”

We as the “newly built house” owners next door to the Evangelist church in Upwell Road, felt that we should put our views across as the article in last Friday’s Cambs Times did not seem to cover the whole story!

We have no problem with the church next door but when they are arriving at 5am slamming car doors and chatting outside our bedroom window it becomes an issue!

Yes we did ring the council about it and we were told to log every car that came in, the time and also take photographic evidence which I must say some of the parishioners posed for!

We are very pleased with the outcome as anyone would be who has to go to work and does not appreciate being woken up day after day at some ungodly hour.

A week has gone by and silence is golden unlike the rants that these so called Christian people have been putting on a March discussion Facebook page.

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We ourselves are not on Facebook but we have been told about the nasty comments and threats.

We suggest an extra prayer this Sunday to forgive your sins!

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Upwell Road


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