Claims that solar panels and turbines will render farm land unusable are utter nonsense

I have followed with interest the protests over the last few months against wind turbines.

Now I see in last week’s edition that yet more protests will be happening at the plan to build an ‘energy park’.

It was stated that placing wind turbines and solar panels will render 900 acres of valuable farm land unusable.

What utter nonsense.

Take a drive over to Swaffham. I have videos of wind turbines in operation with free range pigs grazing underneath them.

You may also want to watch:

I took the video on a day when all the turbines were turning. I pulled over and got out of the car because I wanted to see for myself what noise and vibration they made.

Apart from a “woosh... woosh... woosh” which I found almost soporific, there was nothing.

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Similarly, free ranging poultry can be farmed underneath solar panels and sheep can be grazed under them.

It makes me wonder whether those who yell the most against these means of producing energy do not, perhaps, use electricity in their homes?


Broad Drove East

Tydd St Giles

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