Closing Whittlesey recycling centre will demoralise community and cause more flytipping

I read with interest your article about the possible closure of the recycling centre at Whittlesey.

I have to say I sometimes wonder if these people are on the same planet as us.

I think that these proposals are a recipe for disaster, as they would only encourage more flytipping.

In my area (Whittlesey), we have developed a volunteer force over the past few years, (Whittlesey Street Pride) who do a sterling job clearing litter etc, and generally improving the local environment for us all to enjoy.

Closing the local recycling centre would have a demoralising effect as the inevitable increase in flytipping would be like a slap in the face to these people and raises the question does Fenland District Council really care.

I appreciate that we have to make savings in these times of austerity, but I am sure that there must be other areas that can be reviewed, eg salaries of the chief executive and the other people that dwell in ivory towers for example.


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