Coates Primary School pupils write heartfelt poems for head teacher

HEARTFELT poems were written by school pupils im memory of a head teacher who died.

HEARTFELT poems were written by school pupils im memory of a head teacher who died.

Children at Coates Primary School, in The Fold, Whittlesey, described Wendy Martin as a “good head teacher, best of all” in verse written for a memorial service.

They also said: “You may have told us off but we don’t mind” and asked: “Why did Mrs Martin have to die?”

The popular principal passed away on May 2 after 17 years at the helm of the school.

She was described as being “the centre of the community” after coming to Coates in 1993 following work at a number of schools in England and Germany.

An emotional service was geld at Coates’ Holy Trinity Church to give pupils who knew her over the years the chance to say goodbye.

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But the current crop of pupils paid their tribute by penning poems to say how they would remember the 63-year-old.

Mrs Martin has parted from Coates School,

Good Head teacher, best of all.

Now you have gone to heaven,

The day you died we were 11.

You may have told us off but we don’t mind,

We have had plenty of good times.

We have learnt many acting skills,

And what we have to do to be good pupils, we still love you.

This year you might have missed May Day,

But it was a success,

But last year you came with pride and dressed to impress.

Mrs Martin will be remembered forever. Xxxxx

Mrs Martin is the Head of the school,

Is not now here for us all.

When she was here, she was the best,

But now she’s gone she has to rest.

First of all at the Christmas play,

Now we say goodbye at May Day.

Now we should say goodbye,

Why did Mrs Martin have to die?

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