College of West Anglia in Wisbech cuts graphic design course

STUDENTS have been left disappointed after a college cut a popular course due to funding difficulties.

Budding artists will no longer be able to study a Higher Education Diploma in graphic design at the College of West Anglia’s Isle Campus in Wisbech.

The College of West Anglia says national restrictions on university recruitment mean the course does not recruit enough students to balance the books.

But those who study the course at the moment say the decision will disadvantage aspiring graphic designers.

In defiance of the ruling, the last final group staged an exhibition at The Boathouse to demonstrate their good work - and show tutors what they would be missing.

Beth Moore, who leaves Isle College this year to study the rest of her degree at Anglia Ruskin University, in Cambridge, said: “We’re cross that the college has cancelled this course. It is sad because it is a good course.

“Jobs aren’t flying around at the moment, especially in the graphic design industry, It’s all about getting your foot in the door early, so this is a huge setback.

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“We held the exhibition because we wanted to finish on a big bang and show people what we can do.”

At the moment students like Beth study at Isle College for two years and spend the final year of their degree in Cambridge.

But the course has struggled to fill the classroom, with just five students in Beth’s year and eight students in the remaining year.

All those currently doing graphic design will be allowed to finish their studies but no new entrants will go onto the course.

A spokesman for the College of West Anglia said: “In light of the much publicised national restrictions on university-level recruitment, the college is determined to offer a broad range of higher education courses.

“However this course does not recruit sufficient numbers to make it financially viable in the current tight funding environment.”

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