COMMENT: Readers make their views heard on county councillor’s defection to UKIP

The defection of Conservative county councillor Adrian Dent to UKIP on Monday prompted several comments to the Cambs Times/Wisbech Standard websites.

The Bassingbourn councillor said he was no longer prepared to accept being told by what to do by “those of a louder voice and position of power” within the Conservative group.

Someone posting as connaughtgreen said: “A bit of honesty in a member that’s one thing you tend to have as a UKIP .....shame Tories and Labour can’t show a bit more ....but then it’s all gravy train for them me, me, me.” Soham councillor Geoffrey Woollard commented: “Never heard of him before. He has obviously failed to make a mark, I believe that he would make a bigger and more effective mark as an Independent. UKIP is a busted flush.”

Cllr Woollard’s comments prompted a reply from someone posting as ‘TheTruth’: “Well that’s rich coming from an ex Conservative as yourself Mr Woollard, make a mark as an Independent. Independents work alone and have no real say in local government, although I do have much respect for them, UKIP are turning out to be a decent political party, we need an alternative after all...”

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