Common Sense Needed

ANYONE would think there was an election coming! The scaremongering on your letters page about taxis doesn’t contribute to the democratic process - they just worry some very vulnerable people.

Here are the facts:

1 Countywide 80% of bus services don’t get any subsidy. Those that do are often rural services and the subsidy varies form a very small amount up to �18 per passenger. Not all subsidised services will disappear as the bus operators will find better ways of providing their services – that’s common sense.

2 Fenland Association for Community Transport provides an excellent alternative service for everyone. And people with bus passes travel free! Fenland District Council will be supporting community transport with up to an additional �100,000 to make sure that people are not disadvantaged – that’s common sense.

Moving the taxi rank is last year’s issue and the people of Wisbech will see it for what it is – just blatant electioneering!


Fenland District Councillor

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