Commuters are misusing our free parking in Whittlesey ... to avoid paying to park in Peterborough

As known, Whittlesey is to lose a car park because of some daft idea to move the bus stop from the market place. We can’t wait – NOT!

But if any resident has experienced problems parking during the week, perhaps this will help.

Increasingly, out of towners are driving to Whittlesey and parking up, then catching the bus to Peterborough to save on parking fees.

Yes, you were heard on a Stagecoach Number 33/31 quoting that.

I have always been proud that my town offers free parking (born and raised) but perhaps restrictions of a maximum of four hours in any car park per day would stop this flagrant misuse of our facilities by non-residents of our town.

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I know of many elderly Whittlesey residents who cannot park during the day and I can only empathise as I live with one.

So if you our misusing our free services to save a few quid, I hope you are proud of yourself.

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Plus, you are taking a bus passenger space for people who work hard and cannot afford the luxury of a car.


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