Commuters diverted and March homes without water for hours after main pipe bursts

COMMUTERS this morning faced diversions of several miles after an important water main burst close to Whitemoor Prison on the outskirts of March.

The main in Elm Road, March - between the junction of Longhill Road and Chain Bridge - burst at about 4am. It is one of the main March water pipes, which supplies hundreds of homes in the town.

Engineers from Anglian Water were called out after reports of water gushing into ditches running alongside the road.

Police were called at 4.10am and immediately closed the road. The road remains closed.

Whitemoor Prision and hundreds of March homes were without water for more than three hours. The supply was back on by around 7.30am, using reserve water from an alterantive route.

An engineer at the scene said: “It’s a relatively big main and this is one of the main feeds that goes into March. Now we have isolated it, everyone is back on water.”

Engineers are now preparing to dig up the water main and attempt to repair it.

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