Compelled to write after reading planning matter

I have never written to a paper before but felt compelled to do so after reading your leading article involving a planning matter with Councillor Conner and his neighbour.

I moved from Dover some 22 years ago and have become increasingly concerned how some county and district councillors apparently feel they can use their office to their own advantage without being challenged or held accountable. I am pleased to say the dark old days of yesteryear when landowners and local councillors controlled what went on in our towns and villages are supposedly gone.

I hope this case is investigated fully in depth and with full transparency, It is my belief the person involved should be suspended if there is any doubt until any investigation is completed as happens in industry, if anyone is found guilty of misusing or abusing the office they hold they should be severely censured as they only hold the office handed to them in trust not by some perceived rite of passage.

I await the outcome of the allegations that have been made with some interest, I will not hold my breath waiting for the outcome, I believe the old boy network is unfortunately still alive and kicking in the corridors of power in the Fens as it is elsewhere.

All political parties are guilty of the abuse of power, we hear it in the media, we read about it in local and national press every day.

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Individuals should remember they are responsible for their own actions as we informed by our political masters when we are caught out.

Bob Slade

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