Complaints on Fenland community website trigger council action on pothole ‘nightmare’ road

REPAIR work is set to start on a pothole-blighted Fenland road after residents demanded improvements on a community website.

The damaged Perry Road, in Leverington, was branded a “nightmare” by residents in November, during a discussion on Wisbech neighbourhood website ShapeYourPlace.

One post read: “It’s about time someone highlighted this, the road is terrible. The surface is rutted and full of potholes.

“Apart from the danger it causes, it also reflects badly on the area and gives out the impression of a lack of care. As a resident I do care about where I live and I’d like to think that the council think the same.”

Cambridgeshire County Council responded to the online posts, stating that their highways team had inspected the road and deemed it safe.

They continued: “We realise, though, that residents are really concerned about this and we’ve asked for further funding to re-surface Perry Road. We will know whether we have the funding in the New Year.”

But, just six months after the original complaint, County Councillor for Roman Bank and Peckover Steve Tierney announced that �20,000 had been secured to fund improvements.

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“I’m in consultation with officers to determine what can be achieved with the funds available and expect work to begin in the very near future,” posted Cllr Tierney.

The resident who posted the original concerns replied: “Excellent news, thanks to everyone involved in this. I look forward to being able cycle down Perry Road in the near future and no longer have to dodge the pot holes!”

Repair work is set to start on the road next week.

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