Concerned councillor fighting to get Thorney Toll road speed limit reduced following multiple deaths

Steve Barclay MP and Cllr John Fish are interviewed for File on 4.

Steve Barclay MP and Cllr John Fish are interviewed for File on 4. - Credit: Archant

THE speed limit of the Thorney Toll road must be reduced to prevent further deaths, a parish councillor has said.

Councillor John Fish, of Wisbech St Mary Parish Council, spoke out in the aftermath of the death of 27 year-old student Sukhdeep Johal in a three vehicle collision on the A47 on Friday March 15.

Mr Johal had been helping out at his father’s clothes store in Wisbech and was on his way home to Leicester when his blue Peugeot 206 was involved in a collision with a green Jaguar X type saloon which was travelling behind him and a Tesco lorry which was coming in the opposite direction.

Cllr Fish said: “I have been campaigning for years to get the speed limit on the Toll road reduced from 60mph to 50 mph. We have had numerous accidents and multiple deaths there.

“On Sunday, there was a four vehicle smash in near enough the same spot to where the lad lost his life.

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“I keep on having arguments with the Highways Agency but I’m getting nowhere.”

MP Steve Barclay lent his support to Cllr Fish’s campaign.

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The East Cambs MP said: “I have repeatedly raised concerns over road safety at Thorney Toll road.

“I have also met with the regional director of the Highways Agency and the minister about the unacceptably high number of accidents on this road. Councillor Fish is right to call for further measures.

“It is not right for the Highways Agency to ignore residents’ concerns as accidents continue to pile up on each other”.

A Highways Agency spokesman said: “We wish to reassure the local community we take their concerns seriously; safety is our top priority and we work constantly monitor safety along the A47, as we do all our roads, and take part in any relevant investigations following incidents.

“Any data that suggests a change to the road layout would deliver safety benefits is carefully considered.

“The A47 between New Cut roundabout and Guyhirn currently has an injury accident rate below that of the national average for roads of similar character and shows a decreasing trend.”

Cllr Fish did not witness the fatal accident but was caught up in its aftermath.

He said: “I was collecting my grandson from school and when I got onto the road I had to take a detour through the garage.

“I did not see the accident but I saw the young lad in a very bad way. It’s a tragedy.”

Speeding on the stretch of road has long been a problem despite a speed camera being installed, Cllr Fish said.

He said: “We had a survey done four years ago and people monitored the speed of cars that travel on the road. The average speed was 70 mph

“I can watch cars scream by through my bungalow window and see the camera flashing.

“As soon as cars see the camera they brake suddenly. That may have caused the accident.”

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