Congratulations on your fitting tribute to John West and the editor’s words at funeral

MAY I congratulate you on the two-page spread in last week’s edition that was a fitting tribute to John West, and the editor’s profound words at his funeral.

My sister and I attended, as we were part of the ‘Station Road gang’ where as you know John was born and brought up.

As his coffin was passed and was followed by his council ‘friends’ one word came to my mind. That word began with an H and it ended with ES - then I remembered I was in church!

John was his mother’s pride and joy and his parents would have been so proud to see him Mayor of March.

His illness, which many would not have survived, obviously had an affect on him and of course his deafness made him loud, and frustration made this worse.

He was not on the council for the money, nor was he a ‘yes’ man. He was on the council to fight for the town he loved and for the people that elected him.

What will happen now we wonder? Maybe the elections in May will take on a new look with some younger eager people raring to have a go.

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Editor, maybe you hadn’t known John for as many years as we had, but you obviously got to know him and his way of working and supported him for the man he was.


Scargells Lane