Congratulations to March Brass 2000 for great concert in West End Park

COULD I, through your letters page, congratulate March Brass 2000 for their ‘first of the season’ concert in West End Park last Sunday (July 2).

I was particularly impressed by the number of young musicians in the main band and particularly enjoyed the three numbers played by their very competent ‘junior’ band.

At a time when many areas of the country are sadly losing their brass band tradition, March Brass deserve the highest praise for their initiative and generosity in providing tuition and instruments for aspiring young musicians at a cost of only �1.50 per week.

A thank you also to Cllrs John West and Mark Purser of March Town Council for carrying the chairs back and forth from the leisure centre and providing the sound equipment

Pity the band had to sit out their 2 hour performance in the full glare of the sun because there were too many of them to fit in the �50,000 bandstand. It must be the most expensive instrument case storage area in the country!


Scargells Lane

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