Congratulations to your reporter for report of inquest into death of Christiane Middleton

MY congratulations to your reporter Rob Setchell for his consummate skills in not only reporting the results of an inquest into the death of Christiane Middleton but also incorporating something by way of a tribute to her life.

My “personal” connections with this lovely (and loving) couple is from when I was myself passing through a very dark period of my life, and when - through her skills as a hypnotherapist - I was bought back into the daylight. My saviours being Christiane and Roger and the Grace Mowbray Memorial Clinic. They will never be forgotten. When you described the clinic’s ethos as being to: “put the living back into life”, this was precisely what it had done for me.

Trusting that I will not have offended anyone in these “revelations”.


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