Coroner says there’s “simply no explanation” as to why March motorcyclist left the road and lost his life

Coroner's court

Coroner's court - Credit: Archant

A 34 year-old motorcyclist suffered fatal injuries when he left the carriageway, slid 100m along a verge and crashed through brambles and a wooden fence, an inquest has heard.

Darren Ladds, 34, of Estover Road, March, was riding a Kawasaki 750cc bike which left the A142 Chatteris bypass, 250m north of the junction with New Road, at about 7.55pm on September 26. He was pronounced dead at the scene at 8.45pm.

The alarm was raised by farmer Ashley Hicks who was working in a nearby field. He said he heard “revving”, followed a second later by a “loud single bang”.

He said: “I thought someone had crashed into my cow field. I looked but there was no one there so I went into the next field along and shone a light.

“I could see him laying there in his helmet and leathers. His bike was up against a hedge. He wasn’t moving so I rang the police.”

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There was no drugs or alcohol in Mr Ladds’ system. The motorcycle had no mechanical defects and conditions were dry.

PC Simon Burgin, of the collision investigation unit, said: “While negotiating a right hand bend he left the carriageway, travelled 100m along the verge and collided with a wooden fence and hedgerow before coming to rest in a field.

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“It’s difficult to say how fast he was going because he travelled through vegetation, although we know he was travelling in sixth gear. There were no defects to the road surface or obstructions.

“It could have been he was momentarily inattentive or distracted, leading to him steering an incorrect course.”

Coroner Bill Morris, recording a conclusion of accidental death, said: “This is a very sad matter. I suppose we’ll never know why Darren Ladds left the road. He was an experienced motorcyclist who had not taken drugs and was not ill.

“It could simply be a moment’s lack of attention, which can so easily happen.

“We don’t know if he was travelling at excessive speed or not. There’s simply no explanation as to why it happened. I send my condolences to the family.”

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