Cost of petrol in the Fens

EVER since moving to March in 2005, one thing has always puzzled me.

No matter how much the cost of petrol and diesel, this area (really from March to Soham) is consistently about 5p per litre (22p per gallon) dearer than elsewhere.

I know fuel isn’t cheap anywhere at the moment, but why do we pay such a premium? As for LPG, even motorway services, normally reckoned to be the most expensive fuel stops, are charging about 9p per litre (40p per gallon) less than the available price in Chatteris. Also, motorway services are the only places with petrol/diesel prices to compare to this area.

If I go to Tesco in March for a packet of sugar, I’ll be charged the same at any Tesco in the country, but Tesco’s petrol and diesel prices vary wildly around the country.


Acacia Grove


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