Could March, Cambs, be twinned with Zawiercie, Poland? That’s the idea put forward by Cambs police inspector

Zawiercie rail station

Zawiercie rail station - Credit: Archant

A local police chief has urged March to consider twinning with a town in Poland.

Inspector Andy Sullivan is secretary of the Cambridgeshire branch of the International Police Association and has been on a visit to Poland.

In a letter to the town council to be considered on Monday he says Zawiercie is a town in the south of Poland in the Silesian area.

Whilst talking to the president of the town, Grim Witold, “he mentioned he and his town’s desire to twin with an English town and asked that I formally ask on his behalf would March Town Council consider this proposal”.

Insp Sullivan said that in previous visits by Polish officers to March the idea of twinning had been mentioned by Councillor Jan French “and as such I mentioned I would raise this topic with the town council”.

Insp Sullivan said Mr Witold “does not speak English but one of his staff acted as a translator during the visit and would be happy to speak to a member of March Town Council regarding the twinning”.

The idea will be discussed on Monday.