Could the ambition of Sir Graham - to undertake two terms as police and crime commissioner- be about to stall? UKIP seems to think so

Blogger Richard Taylor on the streets of Cambridge interviewing Sir Graham Bright

Blogger Richard Taylor on the streets of Cambridge interviewing Sir Graham Bright - Credit: Archant

He once told me he wanted to ‘do a Ronald Reagan’ and, like the American president who took office aged 70, do two four year terms.

But tonight that looks less likely for Cambridgeshire police and crime commissioner Sir Graham Bright.

The former MP, three quarters way through his first term as police commissioner, may be on the brink of announcing he will be not stand for a second term.

Nick Clarke, a former county council leader and prolific critic, wrote on his blog today of “rumours from a highly placed Conservative, based in London, is that Cambridgeshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner won’t be standing in the coming elections”.

Mr Clarke has a vested interest since he is hopeful of being confirmed as the UKIP candidate, the party he switched to from the Conservatives.

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“Sir Graham Bright has been under considerable pressure from the press and public for lack of transparency in his management of Cambridgeshire Police.,” writes Mr Clarke.

“He has been criticised for his lack of public engagement. I have been one of his biggest critics.

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“It is believed that Sir Graham had been intending to stand for a second term but has now changed his mind. I am aware that local Conservatives have lost faith in him.

“It is likely that the grey men have done their work”.

Meanwhile Sir Graham is keeping his options open but said he will announce his decision of whether or not to stand once the Conservative Party conference is over.

Quite recently, in a BBC Cambridgeshire interview, he said: “I haven’t made a decision. I’m thinking about it.

“Because you know it’s a lot of pressure and a lot of hard work and I should have retired before now. But it is such a challenge. I love it. So I’m thinking about it now.”

Polishing her CV in readiness for an application is Michelle Tanfield, a Fenland councillor and former Tory Parliamentary candidate.

She’s taken to tweeting about police matters, is said by colleagues to be considering throwing her hat into the ring.

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