Could war in Syrian and tensions elsewhere see Donald Trump reverse decision to close RAF Mildenhall? Some think its possible

A sequence of photos showing a USAF C-17A Globemaster III transport lifting off from the Mildenhall

A sequence of photos showing a USAF C-17A Globemaster III transport lifting off from the Mildenhall runway in the early evening light. Nicknamed the 'Moose' by aviation enthusiasts due to it's nose, this particular C-17 was returning to Charleston Air Force Base in North Carolina, USA. It had arrived from the US the previous day via a short stop at RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire to unload equipment for a forthcoming exercise. - Credit:

The decision to close down the Suffolk US Air Force base is being looked at again by EU Command.

The ultimate decision is down to the US Department of Defense.

President Donald Trump’s recent and sudden reversal on intervention in Syria could strengthen the chances of RAF Mildenhall staying, with the refuelling wing often playing a role in Middle East exercises.

The US Department of Defense made the decision to close RAF Mildenhall, home to the 100th Air Refuelling Wing and more than 3,300 airmen, in 2015.

The base is tabled to close in 2023, with 15 European US bases closing in total. RAF Mildenhall is the largest to close.

The closures are implemented by EUCOM, who according to a statement seen by newwere said to be reviewing the decision in response to the heightened security situation in Europe.

According to US armed forces news site Stars and Stripes, a statement from EUCOM said: “Considering the current European security environment, it is a prudent measure to review some of the decisions under the January 2015 European Infrastructure Consolidation effort.”

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It added: “These closures were programmed over a number of fiscal years and to date, none of these sites have been returned to the host nation, as we are putting the necessary infrastructure in place to facilitate mission and personnel moves necessary.”

If EUCOM, who are known to be keen on increasing the number of US Army troops in Europe, do decide against closing RAF Mildenhall down, the closures could still go ahead.