Could you manage a 50oz steak complete with 3kg of wedges and 19 onion rings? Meet the man from March who took on the challenge

Rob Shaw attempting the Steak House's 50oz challenge. PHOTO: Darcy Attrill

Rob Shaw attempting the Steak House's 50oz challenge. PHOTO: Darcy Attrill - Credit: Archant

Hundreds were glued not to a TV screen or to a blockbuster movie but to a Facebook page to watch a young man battle his way through a 50oz steak.

The challenge offered the monster meal free to anyone who completes it as well as a place on the Elwyn Road restaurant’s wall of fame.

Rob Shaw took on the challenge – posted photos to March Free Discussion Facebook – and the audience watched on spellbound as he waded in.

“I had a ninth of my body weight on my plate and I’m only nine and a half stone but that’s still a large amount of weight to squeeze in a tiny belly,” he joked.

The challenge didn’t just involve the steak for as Rob observed to ensure his meal was free of charge there were “three kg of potato wedges on the plate and 19 onion rings so big I could use them as wheels on my car”.

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In the end Rob had to admit defeat – and happily paid for his meal which, including the onion rings, came to £39.95.

“I must admit, I went in to the challenge confident but I didn’t quite estimate the portion sizes very well,” he said.

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“Next time I’ll have my steak medium well to make it easier for my stomach to break down.

“Medium rare is still trying to digest itself now!”

He later told a friend: “I’m not gonna lie mate, probably didn’t even make half way!”

The Steak House has decided to amend the challenge – the steak size remains the same but potato wedges will be reduced to a one kg and the onion rings limited to 10.

They’ve told Rob: “Please contact us directly rob for your free re-sit”.

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