Council apologise for being slow to tackle March town centre rat infestation

NEARLY 40 rat bait stations have been installed in a disused indoor market which is blamed for the rat infestation in March town centre.

Fenland District Council took enforcement action against the owners of Ogden’s Yard – and has apologised for not tackling the problem sooner.

A council spokesman said: “We are sorry that in this case the problem has continued for so long. We try to work closely with businesses and use enforcement action only as a last resort.

“With hindsight, we accept that we should probably have implemented it sooner.”

The council says the enforcement action was taken against owners Owen Kirk and Sean Reilly, who were traced through the Land Registry.

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The council spokesman added: “We have made great efforts to get the owners of the disused market to tackle the problem on their land and have eventually had to take formal enforcement action against them.

“That has now led to them placing 36 bait stations in various locations in the area. We will also be putting more in the car park.”

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Bruce Smith, agent for Mr Kirk and Mr Reilly, said: “We had had no discussions with Fenland District Council about the problem prior to the enforcement notice landing on our desk on October 27.

“We have employed Pest Force, and we have a contract with them for the next 12 months, to keep the place clear of rats.

“I am satisfied that the rat problem is now under control, although there are probably still rats there until the poison works.”

Mr Smith said: “The problem is the sewer that runs under the area. Rats live in the sewer and they pop up. The old market got the blame. It is a derelict building, so the rats were quite happy there.

“No-one wants to see rats upsetting people. We have done everything we can.”

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