Council calls dad’s bluff over March playhouse

A COUNCIL called a dad’s bluff over his threats to defend his children’s playhouse till the last.

Simon Tandy warned that Fenland District Council would only remove the playhouse at his March home “over my dead body”.

But Fenland District Council will defy his point-blank refusal to back down and go ahead with possible legal action to lower the height of the building.

If Mr Tandy doesn’t comply, Fenland Council has the power to carry out the works anyway and send him the bill - as well as pursue him in the courts for failing to comply.

Giving the green light to enforcement action, Councillor John West said the playhouse is “unacceptable”.

He said there were “numerous complaints” from people whose homes it overlooked and added: “I don’t think there’s any need for anyone to have a playhouse stood up that high.”

Mr Tandy installed the elevated playhouse in his back garden in Silver Street in August 2009.

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Planning compliance officer Gavin Taylor said: “This immediately became a problem as the playhouse overlooked the neighbouring property.”

It means the overall height of the playhouse stands in excess of 2.5 metres within two metres of the boundary of the nearest house.

A report said: “Despite a number of visits to the property and written requests for the structure to be amended to bring it in line with permitted development, the owner has refused to comply.”

Mr Tandy told the Cambs Times: “The council need to get their priorities straight. They’re being petty and pathetic.”

He added: “I understand that one window overlooks my neighbour’s garden but I spoke to him before I put the playhouse up and he was fine with it.

“I respect his privacy worries and am happy to block the window off it makes him happier.”

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