Council condemns ‘idiots’ who vandalised Chatteris toilets days after they were opened

CHATTERIS’ new toilets have been vandalised - just days after they were opened.

Councillor Peter Murphy, Fenland District Council’s portfolio holder responsible for the environment, cut the ribbon to open the toilet block, in Furrowfields Road, last Tuesday.

But the council has already been forced to launch repair work after vandals damaged the disabled loo and one of the Gents.

A council spokesman said: “It’s sad that only a few days after we opened these new toilets, some mindless idiots have already gone in and done this sort of damage.

“It seems that it doesn’t matter what you do - or how much you spend - to try to improve facilities, there will always be some people who just want to wreck them.

“We have a good idea who may be responsible and are currently working with the police to investigate further.”

Councillor Murphy said last week that the new toilets in Chatteris - together with similar blocks in March and Wisbech - would save the council money.

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He said: “These clean, modern toilets provide much better facilities both for residents and visitors while also cutting the annual costs of upkeep.

“Between them, they will save the council �60,000 each year and significantly reduce the amount of time that staff spend maintaining them.”