Council leader accused by businessman of ignoring his bid to resolve dispute

BUSINESSMAN Viv Salisbury claims he has written FIVE letters to Fenland Council Leader Alan Melton to resolve disputes “but he’s never bothered to reply to any of them”.

Mr Salisbury, who has launched a �100,000 compensation bid against the council for allegedly driving him out of business, said Cllr Melton had even once been to his home to discuss the issue “but has done nothing to resolve it.”

He promised that “when it comes to the crunch I’ll support you Viv” but Mr Salisbury says Fenland Council refuse to acknowledge his claims.

“As you have often stated the buck stops with you and I expect you to investigate this matter and take the appropriate action,” said Mr Salisbury in a letter to Cllr Melton this week.

“You are always stating in the press that you strive to get transparency within the council but this is contrary to reality because under your leadership it would appear that the FDC are in total disarray,”

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The Chatteris businessman is in dispute with Fenland Council over claims licensing officers acted illegally to force the closure of his VK’s night club. Mr Salisbury says the council has always insisted the club’s licence was “surrendered” following disturbances caused by people pouring into the street. He also says the council has claimed CCTV images exist of incidents outside of the club and of incidents of a “criminal nature”

However Mr Salisbury has received a letter from Inspector Robin Sissons of Cambs Police which says “the constabulary had no dealings with the surrender of the licence and no knowledge of any of the malpractices that you claim. I am able to state that we did not request a formal licensing hearing for The Palace Bar, Chatteris. “

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He said he was aware of a tape from the Fenland Council CCTV system regarding an incident but this was a “routine procedure. On this occasion a penalty notice was issued and a fine administered.”

Mr Horn wrote to Mr Salisbury before Christmas to say that had “CCTV evidence relating to more than one incident outside of the premises. Some are with the police as they formed part of criminal investigations.”

In another letter he told Mr Salisbury: “Throughout, the actions of the council have been both proportionate and within what any council would be expected to do in relation to its licensing responsibilities.”

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