Council officers should be on the conduct committee

SO, the conduct committee of Fenland District Council has at last got off the ground.

To me, initially, it looks like a waste of time and money, we can assume the committee is getting special duty allowances.

So far, all the complaints they have dealt with have ended up as “no case to answer”. Comments from committee members, like “tit for tat complaints” and “any excuse to make a complaint against a councillor” say it all.

In any event, I can’t see how a committee made up of a majority of the ruling party, who are probably mates, can fairly make a judgement.

It would be better if the conduct committee consisted of officers from the council. The councillors get paid by the council, so are they employees? If they are, they should be subject to employer discipline. There should also be an agreed code of conduct monitored by the HR manager

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