Council sheds light on Ely cycling sign mystery

A MISCHIEVOUS act of sabotage is behind the confusion surrounding a set of signs in Ely which are apparently contradictory.

Last week, the Ely Standard revealed that complaints against “anti-social cyclists” were on the increase in Ely, with police focusing their attention particularly on a busy commuter path alongside the River Great Ouse that leads up to Ely’s train station.

According to Cambridgeshire police Inspector Paul Ormerod, cycling on the path is restricted and there are signs in place to make cyclists aware.

However, the signs, which are supposed to prohibit cycling on the path, have an additional red bar through them, causing several cyclists to contact the paper and point out the error.

In a letter to the Ely Standard, cyclist John Jermy said: “The signs clearly showing in your photo are not the recognised ‘cycling prohibited’ sign – they have an additional ‘prohibition’ diagonal red bar – presumably indicating ‘no, no cycling’”

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After contacting Cambridgeshire County Council however, it appeared that the signs were installed correctly but that the contradictory red bar had been surreptitiously added by an unknown party.

A spokesman for the county council said that it appeared someone had used red sticky tape to add the additional stripes, unbeknownst to the authority.

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The spokesman added however, that a member of the council’s highway staff would be removing the tape and restoring the signs to their correct state.

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