Council to move taxi rank?

I HAVE just heard that the council want to move the taxi rank again and who will stop them.

Cllr Dave Patrick is now a Tory in disguise so there is no opposition to what this council will do. When I stand for election in May this will be one of my campaign topics as no one else seems to care. We have to have people coming into Wisbech to make it a viable town. I also thought that we were capital of the fens. This title seems to be slipping as more and more people seem to want to shop in either Kings Lynn or Peterborough. There are 750,000 trips taken out of wisbech for shopping, cinema or restaurants. The council have been approached by Tesco to build a superstore on the former dog track site. They probably get permission to build as the site is a mess now. We have been waiting for the cinema and shops and restaurants for three years now. If the present owners cannot deliver what they promised why sell to tesco there are other options but again its tesco putting tesco first and blow anyone else who gets in their way.

Just thought I would let you know that the park was vandalised again the other day. There was new equipment put in and by night it was ripped out. The council was asked what would happen if someone broke in to Wisbech park and vandalised something in there. The police said that the person would be arrested and charged with criminal damage. Well what’s the difference between Wisbech park and the Spinney. Obviously there is one law for the rich and another for the poor.


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