Councillor Lay right to call for foreign speaking residents to foot the bill for the cost of interpreters

I read Lloyd Forster’s letter (September 19) with interest and I feel that he has missed the point.

Mr Lay is not talking about banning the use of other languages he is talking about the cost of interpreters.

He is not for banning other languages in the streets or about tourists.

There are a number of foreign speaking residents in Wisbech who deliberately refuse to speak English when confronted by the police and plead that they don’t understand.

When applying for benefits not being able to understand our language puts them at a disadvantage.

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It puts them in a vulnerable position. The savings in interpreters would keep the community house open.

As for sending Mr Lay to Greece, I am sure that he would make every effort to learn Greek. However why bother, just send him to the local factories and he’ll be lucky to hear English spoken.

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I would suggest that Mr Forster endeavours to read the whole of Mr Lay’s letter and takes in the content before spouting off.


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