Councillor tells migrant troublemakers: I’ll drive you myself to Victoria if you want to go home

NINE destitute migrants have been sent back to their Eastern European homes as part of a clampdown by Fenland District Council and Cambridgeshire Police.

Now Councillor Kit Owen, the portfolio holder for localism, wants the relocation policy extended.

“There are some migrants who come to Fenland but do not work, do not want to work, or cannot be bothered to work, and they cause problems in the district,” said Cllr Owen.

“This is a growing problem in Fenland, and I would be quite willing to drive them down to Victoria bus station.

“I am keen to see people who cause a nuisance in Fenland relocated.

“I don’t want them to be a problem to the police or health services; the council is keen to help them return home when we can.”

He said unemployed economic migrants “who found that the pavements were not paved with gold” should also be helped to return home.

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In a report to full council meeting next Thursday, Cllr Owen said returning migrants were funded by a central government grant “where individuals fail to meet the requirements of EU legislation for their reason for travelling to the UK.” The immigrants sent home had come from Lithuania, Latvia and Poland.

A total of �71K was allocated to cover all homelessness prevention activity across Fenland, and the relocations this year have cost �934. The project is expected to last another 15 months.

In adjoining South Holland, Tory MP John Hayes is planning to meet with UK Border Agency officials to discuss the possible deportation of foreign criminals.

Mr Hayes is supporting a 1,000 signature ‘We’ve Had Enough’ petition.

Five years ago he warned that “essentially the myth that the current level of immigration should be maintained for the long term good of Britain’s economy should be dispelled.

“In fact there is real doubt about whether Britain needs any more unskilled workers, because as the number of unskilled immigrants has grown, the demand for unskilled labour is plummeting.”