Councillors put national politics before local community

Councillor Alan Lay’s comments in the Wisbech Standard are very strong indeed.

“This Wisbech Town Council is corrupt through ignorance, ineptitude or avoidance of their duties”.

Conservatives are in the majority and prefer to only have Conservatives chairing committees whether or not they have any experience.

Without consulting me, the Tories recommended me as a member of the Allotments Committee. Have they seen my garden?

They chose not to consider making a member of the Institute of Horticulturalists, founder member of the Professional Landscapers Association, who designed the Horsefair roundabout and the Drought Garden by the Hudson Memorial which never requires watering, a member of that committee.

I naturally proposed Cllr Lay in my stead as surely the best for Wisbech must be the most able experienced committee members?

The recently elected young daughter of the leader of the Town Council, whom I understand has no planning training or experience, has been made chair of the planning committee.

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As chair, she will automatically be on the council’s Resources committee deciding on how your money can be spent. Despite my financial background, and ninth year on the Town Council, I will never be on Resources, as only Committee chairs and mayors can be on Resources.

In other words, only Tories, whatever their ability.

Is it wrong for Cllr Lay to voice his concerns to the public when he considers there are more able experienced councillors?

I think in a democracy he’s right to question the logic of some very bizarre decisions the Conservative-controlled council makes on behalf of residents.

Maybe he feels as I do that some of those elected are putting other interests first - their national party before the local community of Wisbech.

Virginia Bucknor

Independent Wisbech Town Councillor