Councils get together to ban parking in and around City Road, March

A BAN on parking in parts of March in and around City Road has been proposed in a joint initiative by the county and district councils.

Peter Vale, area traffic engineer for Cambridgeshire County Council, says the review follows a study of the use of the lorry park situated off City Road.

Mr Vale says during the consultation a “number of comments” were received regarding access to the parking area and the difficulty in negotiating City Road to get into the park because of vehicles parking on City Road.

“Other issues have come to light with regards to accessing the leisure centre and the library because of vehicles parking on the bend of Brewin Chase. Parking has also caused problems in the turning area for the grounds maintenance crew in gaining access to West End Park.”

Mr Vale says it has also been suggested that displaced parking might transfer to George Street which would stop lorries from gaining access to the rear of the Co-op/

The joint initiative, he says, will involve a prohibition of waiting order- effectively no waiting at any time- on roads in and around City Road.

Town councillors have been asked for their comments as part of the consultation.

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Anyone opposed to the order has until March 4 to make their comment in writing to him at Box ET3500, Hereward Hall, County Road, March, PE15 8NE.

Recent re-allocation of parking spaces for day time use by motorists at the lorry park has been widely condemned and a new lay-out is expected as part of the current review.

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