County council gives its approval to town’s redevelopment which has seen Market Place become hive of activities

Whittlesey Market Place.

Whittlesey Market Place. - Credit: Archant

The re-development of Whittlesey town centre has been branded a success by the county council.

A £500,000 scheme to make the Market Place more pedestrian friendly, boost business and tourism was completed earlier this year.

By moving the bus stop from the Market Place to Grosvenor Road, it has freed up the Market Place for activities - including the Whittlesey Festival. The Market Place is now a “well-used facility”, a Cambridgeshire County Council report said.

Grosvenor Road now has a shelter, real time passenger information, bins and benches. An old toilet block in the nearby car park was demolished to provide extra car parking spaces to replace those lost by relocating the buses.

The report said: “The appropriate bus companies were consulted and aided in the design and construction process.

“It follows a trend across the county for businesses and cafes to want to take advantage of using the highway and market places.”

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