Couple reflect on 70 years of 'fun and laughter'

March couple celebrate platinum wedding anniversary

Tom and Margaret Hankins on their wedding day 70 years ago (left) and more recently. - Credit: Family

A couple who have marked their platinum wedding anniversary said they were “gobsmacked” by the messages and gifts they have received. 

Tom and Margaret Hankins of March were treated to an afternoon tea, cards and phone calls to mark their 70th anniversary from home today (Wednesday). 

“The first two or three phone calls I was gobsmacked people knew it was our anniversary,” Margaret, 91, said. 

“In fact, we were not expecting anything.” 

Since the couple met at March Young Farmers club when they were teenagers, Tom and Margaret then tied the knot at the town’s St Peter’s Church on March 24, 1951. 

The pair also worked as farmers in March, something that inspired Tom, 92, early on in their relationship. 

“Margaret worked on the farm and did everything what a man could,” he said. 

March couple reflect on 70 married years

Tom and Margaret Hankins married on March 24, 1951 at St Peter's Church, March. - Credit: Family

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“We do get on well together. We tried young farmers and the young conservatives club; we went to the pictures at the Hippodrome or the Regent in March, too.” 

The pair also took up bowls at the GER club, which they did for around 20 years, just one of several activities they both took part in. 

As well as this, they have also developed a taste for travel, touring the British coast and visiting some of the world’s most notorious landmarks. 

"We’ve had a lot of fun, laughter and sometimes hard work," Margaret said.

“We had a touring caravan and a static caravan. Sometimes it was just for weekends, depending what time of the year it was for farming.

March couple platinum wedding anniversary

Tom and Margaret Hankins said one of their happiest times as a married couple is becoming great-grandparents. - Credit: Family

“One of the trips I remember was to Windsor Castle and to the south and west coast.  

“We have been on cruises since then, such as to the Great Wall of China, Japan, Vietnam, Barbados. It must have been about 20-30 years ago.” 

Perhaps one of the happiest times for Tom and Margaret, who have a son and daughter, during their marriage is becoming great-grandparents. 

As well as receiving a card from the Queen, the couple have also been boosted by their first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, which they hope can help them achieve their next aim. 

“Our aim is to get to 100-years-old, if we get any chance of that!” they said. 

“In those days, you went through with marriage at that age. It was right at the time, and we’ve never regretted it since.”