Court hears of the drunken man swigging beer on Telly Tubby Hill

A DRUNKEN man on Telly Tubby Hill in March shouted aggressively at passers by, causing people in the park to avoid him.

Paul Rolfe had been swigging from a beer can as he sat on a bench, but hid the container when police approached.

At Wisbech courthouse, 65-year-old Rolfe admitted being drunk and disorderly at West End Park in March on October 6.

He was fined �50 and ordered to pay another �50 in costs and surcharge by Fenland magistrates.

“I have an appointment to see a doctor to get help with my drinking,” Rolfe told the court.

Police had received a report about Rolfe’s behaviour and went to the hill near Acre Road in March just before 5pm, said prosecutor Andrea Fawcett.

“His speech was slurred, and he was waving his arms around,” she explained. ”One of his hands was in a fist, hitting his other open palm. He was unsteady on his feet; other people in the park were avoiding him.”