Court tells Zans Vasiluks you’re banned from two Fenland towns and three Fenland supermarkets

A MAN who has been responsible for repeated incidents of anti social behaviour in Fenland has been banned from Wisbech and March town centres, as part of an interim ASBO.

The order also bans Zans Vasiluks from three of the biggest supermarkets in Fenland, the Tesco store in Wisbech and March, and the Asda store in Wisbech.

The 27-year-old - currently serving a jail sentence in Wandsworth Prison -has caused severe distress to witnesses, and an order was needed to stop such behaviour, Fenland magistrates were told.

On behalf of the Chief Constable, Jonathan Eley told how Vasiluks was part of a rowdy group of people outside a block of flats in West Street at Wisbech on September 2. Vasiluks and others had been drinking, and he was abusive to police.

Two days later, police were called to a fight in the Asda supermarket car park, Vasiluks was drunk and punched a man in the face.

“The Chief Constable believes that while he is in company with these men, and in drink, public disorder takes place and there is a high capacity for public disorder offences to take place,” said Mr Eley.

“The public should be protected from such scenes until the next hearing.”

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Vasiluks is due to be released from prison on January 21.

Under the terms of the interim order, Vasiluks is prohibited from:

*Entering or remaining in Wisbech town centre

*Entering or remaining in March town centre

*Entering or remaining in the Asda store and Tesco store at Wisbech

*Entering or remaining in the Tesco store in Hostmoor Avenue, March.

*Being in the company of two named men in any public place in Fenland

He is due to oppose an application to make him subject of a full anti-social behaviour order; a hearing is due to take place at Wisbech courthouse on January 27.

Sgt Dave Bax said: “The police will monitor groups of persons drinking in public spaces, and streets, and will take enforcement action to prevent this and their behaviour. The streets and parks of Wisbech are not a public house, there are plenty of such public houses to drink and enjoy an evening out.

“The police will work with its partners, including Fenland District Council, and the Safer Fenland Partnership, to take appropriate enforcement action to tackle drink related violence and anti social behaviour.

“I am very happy that the court supported our application for an interim order, and know that we can enforce it in a speedy manner.”

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