Crackdown launched against illegal school parking

ANOTHER “zero tolerance” crackdown has been launched against illegal parking outside schools in March.

Police said they were “really disappointed” to have to take further action against parents stopping on yellow lines, Keep Clear zones and at road junctions after a re-emergence in poor parking standards.

The force received positive feedback about its high-visibility enforcement at places such as Cavalry School last year but was shocked to discover from residents that now “things are as they once were”.

Officers say they will even use body-mounted cameras to gather photographic evidence of school traffic crimes.

“Parking regulations outside schools are there for a reason and motorists who flout the law are putting children’s lives at risk,” Pc Phil Richardson said.

“We are committed to making schools safe places for young people to attend.”

Pc Richardson added that: “Numerous letters have been sent out to parents but people continue to park illegally and inconsiderately.”

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As a result officers will now resort to fining and prosecuting mums and dads caught parking illegally in the town.

Even if cars drive away to evade police, Pc Richardson says their registration numbers will be taken and a Notice of Intended Prosecution sent to their home address.

“They could be dealt with through the courts,” he added.

Legislation states that drivers must not wait, set down or pick up passengers on school entrance marking when signs state clearly parking restrictions.

“Double yellow lines indicate a prohibition on waiting at any time even if there are no upright signs,” a spokesman for Cambridgeshire Police added.

Pc Richardson said: “I hope to change the perception of people parking in the town and outside schools.”

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