Crash occurs on notorious Branch Bank at Littleport less than 48 hours after safety measures are installed

There was another accident on Padnal Bank this week - this time involving three cars.

There was another accident on Padnal Bank this week - this time involving three cars. - Credit: Archant

A car carrying a family with young children spun off a notorious East Cambridgeshire road less than 48 hours after work was completed on installing safety measures.

Rumble strips, large ‘slow’ warning signs on the road and a new 40mph speed limit sign were installed close to a bend on Branch Bank, Littleport last week.

The measures came after a safety campaign by resident David Jermy backed by East Cambridgeshire District Councillor Mike Rouse and the Ely Standard after it was highlighted there had been 14 accidents in just 10 weeks along a stretch between Padnal Road and Branch Bank.

One of the accidents was fatal claiming the life of Jahmel Grant, 20, from Kent, whose father echoed calls for safety measures after visiting the site of his son’s death.

The safety work was finished last Tuesday and on Thursday the latest accident happened. Now Mr Jermy wants further action and says “only a speed camera” will do.

“Fortunately no one was hurt in the accident. It had just stopped raining when I heard braking and a lot of noise. When I looked out a car had spun off the road opposite my home. I went out to see if they were OK and thankfully they all were. There was a couple and a number of children in the car.

“I appreciate what has already been done, and I’m sure the Ely Standard has played a part in getting some action because of all the stories highlighting all the crashes.

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“But sadly there are still people who take no notice of the warning signs, and I think only a speed camera will do the trick and slow those drivers down,” said Mr Jermy.

However, Cllr Rouse believes there is more behind the accidents than simply speeding.

“It seems every time we get some rain there is an accident or some kind of incident. I have been assured by the highways officer I have been speaking to that they are going to do further tests on the road surface,” said Cllr Rouse.

But he agreed that all too often people drive on the area’s roads at speeds that are not suited to the road conditions.

“It happens all over the area, not just this particular road, and sometimes people are caught out. But it appears to happen a lot more regularly on this road. It is ongoing and the county council will be looking at this again.

“There is a sharp bend there and there are no easy, cheap solutions and that road is carrying a lot more traffic than it used to,” said Cllr Rouse, who directed the highways officers to the Ely Standard website, so they could read all about the issue.

“I think the Ely Standard highlighing all the crashes has helped achieve the measures installed so far,” he added.

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