Credible opposition on FDC needed at forthcoming elections

STEPHEN Court in his letter last week (test of government popularity) rightly reminds us of the one party rule which exists on Fenland District Council.

However I think he’s indulging in an element of wishful thinking if he thinks Liberals of any hue will carry any credibility with the electorate in the forthcoming local elections now they are part of the Coalition Government and are suffering the sticks and arrows that go with the job.

Without the Lib Dems as a credible alternative, who will challenge the anti democratic Conservative monopoly that exists locally? Will it be Labour? I think not - their track record speaks for itself and I personally wouldn’t vote for a party that has a leader who so ruthlessly did the dirty on his own brother for the sake of personal political power! Will it be UKIP? What relevance does a party whose single issue is pulling out of Europe have where local politics is concerned?

Nevertheless the lack of a credible opposition on FDC is bad for democracy, bad for the electorate and dare I venture to say it, bad even for the Conservative councillors who find themselves in an elected dictatorship.

That’s why I believe this will be the year of the Independent. These will be local people who don’t seek election under the patronage of any particular political party and who will speak out without fear or favour on behalf of their local communities to get the best for Fenland not what the ruling party thinks is good for us.

There are lots of people out there who would make good Independent candidates -all they have to do is put their names forward when the time comes, it doesn’t cost anything other than time and commitment.


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