Credit and debit card holders warned after break-in at Fenland Leisure Centre

A WARNING has been issued to anyone who has used the Hudson Leisure Centre after burglars stole a safe containing till receipts.

Thieves used a vehicle to pull the doors off the centre, in Harecroft Road, Wisbech, causing around �8,000 of damage during yesterday’s break-in.

The burglars got away with a large safe from the duty manager’s office, which contained till receipts and details of some credit card transactions.

Fenland District Council issued a warning on Twitter to anyone who had used the centre.

The council said: “Customers of the Hudson who have paid for goods or services using a credit or debit card in the past six weeks are advised to notify their card provider.

“Staff at the leisure centre had taken appropriate steps to ensure that these records were securely stored. However, determined thieves have removed the complete safe from the premises.

“Therefore, as a precaution we advise customers who feel that they may be affected by this to notify their card provider that their accounts may be at risk of fraud. Importantly, the data loss does not include the three-digit card security number.”

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Police believe a Land Rover or similar 4x4 vehicle was used to pull the doors off using ropes and chains.

A crowbar and sledgehammer were found at the scene. The centre was closed until 1pm yesterday while staff cleared up.

Fenland council said the incident was captured on CCTV. Police are now investigating.

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